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A Directory, Database and Email List of Realtors and Real Estate Agents with Email addresses, postal mailing details, telephone numbers and other important marketing information.

Do you network with real estate agents? Do you want to expand your client base, gain more customers, and boost your business? If you answer yes to all these questions, then you are visiting the Number Source of accurate details covering Realtors in the USA.   Please click the above links for full details and to obtain a Free Sample list.

Do you need to contact real estate agents?  This is where the Directory of Realtors can greatly assist you. The Directory provides a listing of contactsfor you to network with. It contains the names of real estate agents, their contact numbers, mailing addresses, and even e-mail addresses. All this information is kept updated and accurate to ensure that you get great value for money.

The following information is provided;

Realtor Records: 181,000+

Website URLS : 73,121

Email Address Contacts: 181,000+

Details of the Town/City where the Realtor is based: 50% of records

Details of the State where the Realtor Real / Estate Agent  is based: 100% of records

Phone #:  40% of records



 Why is the Directory Important?

The email addresses contained in the Directory can be used in your email list marketing campaigns. You can then follow up using the telephone numbers and postal addresses provided . E-mail list marketing can significantly improve your business.

Why Email Marketing?

E-mail list marketing has the potential to grow your business. It does not only send out word about your business to the right people; it makes business advertising quicker and easier as well. It is also more economical compared to other modes of marketing. Consequently, it has better potential in growing your sales and client base compared to other modes of marketing.  While telephone calls and sending out traditional marketing letters to your clients can do the trick, e-mail marketing reaches  more clients in just a short span of time and at a lower cost.

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 To sum up, e-mail list marketing provides the following benefits:

Easy Communication. Emailing potential clients is easier than calling them by phone or sending them snail mails. It is also a lot quicker.  

Targeted Emails. You can create customized emails targeted according to the needs of each of your clients.

Immediate Response – Only email marketing provides you with a faster reply rate from your clients. You can even send regular e-mails in the form of newsletters. It is also  easy to track who reads and replies to your messages.

The Directory of Realtors is your gateway to a whole new level of opportunity. Real estate agents are very competitive in their field. They only want the best for their endeavors. With thousands of unique records containing email addresses, telephone numbers, and street addresses, the Directory can help you promote your products and services to a great number of  realtors and real estate agents in the United States.

View example listings:-

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Why Do You Need An Email Marketing Company?

Keywords: Email Mailing and Marketing Lists

Given the fact that online advertising has become so popular, more and more businesses are going online to promote their products and services. So, if you own a business that needs to publicize itself, make use of the opportunity, and get your business promoted through email marketing lists. To make sure that your online marketing campaign goes well, it is better you seek the services of a good email marketing company. Are you on a tight budget? Well, you should still hire one. Here’s why.

Target audience

Your ROI can never get boosted without having a set of targeted audience. Hence, it is always better to hire professionals to get the job done. There are countless people out there in the market; thus, it is indeed a tough job to determine who your target consumers can be. Online marketing companies should be hired because they are equipped with substantial research on the market, thus, are the best people to give you targeted email mailing and marketing lists.

Professionally designed templates

Professional companies can offer you interactive galleries from which you can choose a design that best suits your business. You can also customize these templates by adding the logo, name, graphics, address and branding color of your company. In case you are short on time, marketing companies can get you quality templates, update and change your content within deadline.


In order to have a successful campaign, you need to know what works and what doesn’t. Good marketing companies offer you a great variety of options with which you can track the number of subscribers and conversion rate. Experienced E-mail marketing companies can provide you with detailed reports on the behavior of your customers by tracking the number of sign-ups, clicks in mails and percentage of the same along with email mailing and marketing lists.

Poor emails can do more harm than good; hence, it is better to hire professionals and benefit from their extensive experience.


Email Mailing List of Furniture Suppliers

When it comes to designing houses, offices and businesses you would need many different contacts for furniture suppliers. In the market today there are different genres and styles when it comes to interior design and architecture and because of this you would need different furniture suppliers in order to be able to cater to these different genres and styles that is why it is important to have an email mailing list of furniture suppliers.

With an email mailing list of furniture stores you can easily get contacts with different furniture suppliers and this will help you have more choices when it comes to furniture pieces. Coming up with partnerships with furniture suppliers will surely open a lot of possibilities and opportunities for your business.

Aside from just having numerous furniture supplier contacts here are more advantages to having email mailing list of furniture suppliers:

  • You can easily let furniture stores and other suppliers know if you have anything that you can offer them it may be a product of a service or a business opportunity.
  • Everybody loves discounts and special offers and with a  mailing list of furniture suppliers you can easily let them know if you have any discounts and offers which they may be interested in.
  • You have to remember that one furniture supplier is different from the next and that means having different styles of furniture that you can choose from which is important if you are in the interior design business and having an email list also means having those contacts.
  • Even if you are just starting out you should also have an email list of furniture suppliers this is so that you can get your name and the name of your business across furniture suppliers.
  •  Aside from just utilizing your email mailing list to get your company’s name across and to stay in contact with furniture suppliers you can also use this email list with your social media sites. You can easily send tweets and posts along with your email blasts.

Modern marketing includes the use of social media and you can easily utilize this along with your email mailing list. In these modern times, the use of computers and the internet is an utmost necessity.

It is important to remember though that when looking into invest in an email mailing list you have to make sure that you get your money’s worth by getting a comprehensive email mailing list that has a large percentage of furniture suppliers in your area. You also have to make sure that the information in the furniture stores email list is up to date.

Convenience Stores –The Most Popular Outlets

Convenience stores or mini marts also known as corner shops are found in many countries across the interstate highways and transport hubs. Although not extremely famous, but some of them are quite popular. A list of a few popular convenience stores in different countries are as following:-

v  Tesco Express from United Kingdom-has stores in 6,784 no of locations.

v  7-Eleven from Japan has stores in 46,000 different locations.

v  Statoil from Canada has stores in 2300 locations.

v  Family Mart and Lawson both from Japan have convenience stores in 22,872 and 11,000 locations respectively.

v  SPAR Express from Netherlands has stores in 3600 different locations across the globe.

All the names mentioned in the list of popular convenience stores at are so widely known because of the vast variety of utility items they offer to people who are on the go. They are almost no less than supermarkets and put in their best efforts to meet nearly all the needs of people while travelling.

Database of Golf courses and clubs

Head: Golf courses and clubs with a pinch of history

A venerated history is attached with golf in India and if you wish to learn the royal game, a directory golf courses and clubs dotting the Indian landscape can help you a great deal.

From having RCGC, in Calcutta, the oldest outside Britain, as the only golf course, a decade ago, India now boasts of 196 registered golf courses out of which 135 are open to civilians. The love for the game has permeated across the landscape of the country starting from Gulmarg in Kashmir, in the north, to Kerela in the south.

Nestled in lush green Western Ghats to the tea plantations in the East, the Indian landscapes makes then game more appealing.

Most of the golf courses in the database are under the authority of clubs which are generally open to members only. The Indian Golf Union, the apex body of golf in the country, organises different tournament to promote the game.

Accountant (CPA)

An accountant is someone who practices accounting or accountancy. Accountancy is the measurement, disclosure or provision of assurance of the financial information that assists managers, investors, tax authorities and others in making decisions about allocating resources. The accountants who have showcased their effectiveness and efficiency through professional association certifications exams are given the rights to brag about the titles that they are bestowed with, like Charted Accountant or Certified Public Accountant also called as a CA or a CPA. See our list at .These charted accountants or certified public accountants are given the responsibility by the statute, this responsibility is that they now have the ability to certify the financial statements of an organisation and they are the ones who are going to be held liable in case of any professional misconduct whatsoever.


Why Marketers Should Invest in a Business Email List.

When it comes to online marketing, many options pop-up in our mind; but nothing beats e-mail marketing in terms of popularity and effectiveness. Whether you have an e-commerce website or use the corporate website just for business promotion, email marketing can certainly bring traffic to your portal and increase the conversion rate significantly.

Low cost: Among all the other online marketing mediums, email marketing is the most cost-effective option. All you need to do is buy email mailing and marketing lists from a mailing list seller and design an informative promotional mail. Start sending the mails as soon as you are ready and people will gradually start visiting your site. The marketing campaign can run for an indefinite time and the only cost you bear is internet usage charges.

Segmentation: You can ask the business email lists vendor to provide you with the list of a particular audience so that your message reaches only those who are interested in your business. For example, a cosmetics company can buy an email list of “female in New York aged between 20-40”.

Easy to track: Marketing campaigns don’t always get positive response from target customers, but when you are promoting your products and services through emails, you can measure the success ratio accurately. Most email marketing software will allow you to track the open, click through and conversion ratio.

Global: You can send emails to anyone in the world. So, if you have a multinational company or run an e-commerce website, you can design just one email template and send it to millions of potential customers all over the world. If you consider the ROI factor, this is a great benefit.

Immediate: Emails reach millions of recipients at the same time. So, if you find out that most of your consumers like to check their mails after reaching office at 9am-9:30am, the email marketing software can start sending the mails at exactly 9am every morning.

These are some of the benefits you can enjoy by investing in business email  marketing lists. Buy the mailing lists from a reputed vendor and reach global target consumers today.

Database of Architects

Becoming an architect by own rights essentially talks about mastering over the subject or subjects through and with the help of which you can become a successful person in life. In your endeavour for the same you may find database of architects & architect firms so much so that one fine morning you can be proud of what you are. The idea or the proposition so far stems from the mere thought that an architect requires a bunch of suppliers for giving his/her projects a reality.

The best way to be associated here highly depends on your imagination as well as business acumen as to where you can chip in the business of an architect which is no Herculean task since you can get to see enormous load of works are already created around you or being created that embody the basics of architecture. Just keep your eyes and ears open and strong enough to catch the vibes in your surroundings.

Builders, Contractors and Construction Firms

We are dream of retiring in our own home at the end of the day’s hard work so much so that we spend the rest of day in proximity with our loved ones at ease and peace. Block by block building your dream home essentially talks about progressing step by step while willing to own a home as it involves a sizeable amount of your hard earned money. Builders & building firms such as seen at play a crucial role here in the matters of homes supply. How?

Just think over the situation wherein you are in need of a home and you may be a civil engineer by profession how will you proceed? You into job and hence can’t afford to spend time and money so as to identify the land first that has to be free from all encumbrances such as ownership or legal disputes etc. to name a few. Builders & building firms are the ones to chip in here. Such builders & building firms are adept enough to reach you directly and their email mailing & marketing list of builders & building firms can be proved pivotal in either way for sure.


Accountants in Australia


Accountants are the ones entrusted by people to handle their financial information like assets, liabilities and income. They deal with research, analysis and accounting of data to produce financial reports on a daily basis. Aside from those, there are many other duties they perform such as documentation, substantiation of financial actions and preparation of financial reports. Almost all industries seek the help of accountants; that is why a mailing and email list is a great help in the management of an accountant’s growing list of customers and potential ones.


In an accountant’s website, he/she can add an opt-in box to collect information about those who visit the site. The opt-in box asks a visitor to enter his/her name, contact number and email address. If the accountant wishes to get more information like age, gender and income to study demographics of potential customers, he can. These acquired information makes up the accountants’ email addresses directory and database. at Now, the mailing and email lists of accountants in Australia can already perform their tasks. These lists allow accountants to update their customers on the latest promotions and discounts to different financial and legal services they offer. Through email, customers can send in their questions, comments and suggestions, making it a fail-proof method of getting feedback.

Mailing and email lists of accountants in Australia are quick, affordable, and reliable. Email lists are the cheapest way to market products and services without having to pay sky-rocketing fees for advertisements. Consistently communicate with customers is the best way to gain consumer trust and keep loyal customers. It is a great venue for building a positive image and making the customers aware of an accountant’s status, reputation and achievements. Most importantly, keeping in touch with customers on a regular basis will most likely give back additional sales and profit in the long run.

Architects in Australia


Architects create designs of infrastructure for new projects, alterations and renovations using exceptional drawing skills and knowledge on construction. They ensure safety, functionality and cutting-edge design in all of their works. They are employed by private companies, large or retail construction companies, and the government.


With real estate being one of today’s biggest businesses worldwide, mailing and email lists of architects in Australia is recommended to be used in marketing to and building rapport with former clients. Also, it will significantly help manage the architect’s growing list of clients and for the collection of potential ones.

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To collect information from the website’s visitors, adding an opt-in box is recommended. The opt-in box immediately appears when the website is successfully entered. It requests visitors to enter his/her name, contact number and email address. Age, gender and financial capacity can also be requested if the owner of the website wishes to. These collected information makes up the architects’ email addresses directory and database. This database allows architects to update their former and potential clients on the latest promotions services they offer. Through email, the architect and the client can build conversations useful to each party.


There is a great need for mailing and email lists of architects in Australia to allow potential Australian clients to know better about the architect and his company’s reputation.

Email plays a very important role in gathering feedback from customers regarding the architect’s services, suggestions about environmental impact, and budget needed for a certain prospective project.


As architects juggle different tasks while coordinating with their business partners and supervising their project teams, they need to have a quick, affordable, and reliable medium for data collection and communication. Email lists are proven to be the cheapest way to promote products and services with the highest return of investment in the long-run.

Beauty Salons in Australia


More and more people, men or women, go to their favourite beauty salons for their monthly doll up session. Not all salons have the same quality of services that is why when a person loved his/her haircut or manicure from a certain salon, he/she sticks with it. People value their physical appearance and going to salons is a form of reward they give to themselves after weeks of stressful work.


Due to the busy schedule of most Australians, going to salons must be set ahead of time. They prefer setting appointments instead of walk-ins to make sure they will get the service they need. Thus, there is a great need to have mailing and email lists of beauty salon in Australia, see Mailing lists allow clients and potential ones to subscribe to updates about the latest products and services of beauty salons.


Mailing and email lists of beauty salon in Australia are very helpful to consumers to know whether the services they need are offered by a certain beauty salon. For example, a woman only has one day to have her pedicure, manicure, haircut and bikini wax. Through email lists, she can be informed about the available services ahead of time. The same applies when a woman needs to attend a wedding so she books for an appointment for makeover.


With the beauty and hair salon email addresses, directory and database, the salon can regularly send emails to those who showed interest in their business. Of course, this includes their past clients so they can keep their loyalty to the business. Emails are a very good medium to communicate with the clients and ask for comments and suggestions on how to improve the salon. Investing in mailing lists is truly worth the time, money and effort as it is proven to add long-term trust and profit to a business.

Estate Agents in Australia


Residential and commercial estate agents are the ones who do selling activities, set prices, and make offers in behalf of their clients. People who enter this career should be those who enjoy talking and meeting new people almost every day. Their job involves a lot of meet-ups, showcasing houses or properties clients are interested in and a lot of paperwork. However, the income is commission-based—meaning the number of sales dictate how much you will have to earn. In order to reach more potential buyers, email mailing lists of estate agents in Australia are necessary.


When provided with estate agents’ email addresses, directory and database, estate agents can have an organized list of the customers that had bought houses or properties through her. More importantly, the directory must contain the names and email addresses of those she had met but have not decided yet if they will buy a property. With these information on hand, the agent can now use his/her own mailing list to contact these clients.


By using email mailing lists of estate agents in Australia at http:// each agent can now have the power to market their services online repeatedly. Send them the latest offers and promotions on the properties you sell. Whenever there are no new offers, send them tips on how to choose the right property to purchase, how to choose the right type of house that is best for your growing family, and the like. This way, it is more likely you will gain the trust of your potential clients. Email mailing lists are a very helpful medium to build a positive image to it recipients. They also put you at their top choices when thinking of buying a property as a result of regular communication. Lists are a worthwhile investment that will surely give back to your business.